20+ Pretty Necklace Accessories Ideas For Summer Trends This Year

Summer notoriously brings its own brand of diversity to jewelry design. Inviting bright colors and offbeat styles in earrings, bracelets and necklaces evoke a carefree attitude to complement warm-weather wardrobe staples.

However, as designers and fashion fans look toward the change in seasons, fall invariably promises changing jewelry trends to accompany shifts in the clothing fabrics, textures, and designs signaling its debut. Necklaces are no exception, with semi precious necklaces making a bold departure from dainty single strands used primarily for dress-up occasions.

Fall necklaces abound with excitement that doesn’t rely on precious stones, such as diamonds, rubies, or emeralds, to make a statement. Instead, gemstones derived from minerals like turquoise, onyx, and tanzanite, also classic pearls, are among those making strong appearances in autumn accessories. Indeed, pearls have emerged as one of the most useful layering, multi-strand options, supported by the ease with which they can also be mixed with a variety of metal chains.

Although the distinctly simple look of single strands will not define fall necklaces, delicate stones and pearls still hold a prominent place. Their profusion in long necklaces, layered with multiple strands, will lend a more forceful presence, allowing chunky looks to offset formal, off-shoulder garments as well as soft, fuzzy sweaters. Moreover, mixed strands of differing gemstone characteristics, such as size and color, will not be absent. Indeed, they will provide variety suited to the not-too-structured, yet tailored, clothing reminiscent of the loosely fitted 70’s collections that is poised to energize autumn.

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