20+ Fashionable Long Necklaces Ideas For Woman

So I am sure most of you ladies look forward to seeing who wears what on the red carpet right? Well I know with my schedule I just can never seem to be in the right place at the right time to see it live, so I always go back to style.com and check out what looks were hot each year. I gotta tell you ladies, this year I was less than impressed BUT, the one thing that caught my eye and seemed uniquely timeless were the necklaces.

Now normally we see either the simple diamond necklace or we see the big statement necklaces, but not this year! This year it is all about the long necklaces.

This style has been around for ages and ages, but as we all know style is cyclical. The one thing I love about this is that you truly can take a piece that is meant to be casual and turn it into an antique inspired look.

There are a few reputable products used by celebrities that are a perfect inspiration for this look, especially when we start thinking about layering the necklaces. This is a style that I think every woman can make her own because these necklaces have so many different styles. I have seen simple antique inspired animals, chains and pearls, and even simple stones like turquoise.

Image Source : Pinterest

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