30+ Impressive Spring Outfits Ideas For Young Mom

There is nothing cuter than to see a young child walking along the sidewalk on a pretty day with his or her Mommy, wearing the same clothing. Of course, matching adult/child clothing has always been an excellent way for a parent to connect with a young child. Unfortunately, matching parent/child clothing has only been made for children around the age of seven or older, or if a parent is willing to wear baby blue, pink or white.

Even if these do match in colors, they styles are always totally different so you can’t really tell that the parent and baby are matching. Fortunately, times have changed and now you can find alternative matching baby/parent clothing.

Many current parents grew up in the pop culture age, the mid to late 1980’s, and therefore have the trademarks of that culture ingrained into their sense of style. This usually comes in the form of punk band or retro band t-shirts. Of late, there has been an online movement of punk rock, gothic and pop culture baby clothing, making it possible for both Mommy and Baby to show up on the scene in a cool matching band t-shirt.

Connecting with your child is a very difficult process if you wait to long to initialize it. You need to start finding ways to let the child know that you can be a good parent and still be a cool parent on their level early in life. The longer you wait, the harder it will be. Matching clothing that is considered “in” is your doorway to that connection.

Pregnancy these days is trendy and fashionable. No more hiding a baby bump, motherhood is redefined! Maternity clothes are evolving too. Hip maternity clothes and punk maternity shirts are now the norm! Shop for cool pregnancy outfits and funky diaper bags as well as punk baby clothing and accessories.

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