30+ Best Eye Makeup Tutorials Ideas

Whenever you are going to learn a new skill, or anything new you must start with the basics. Whether it is a sport, driving a car, or cooking a meal. The same is true with makeup. You can discuss different thoughts and different ideas for different occasions, yet they will all start with some foundational concepts. If you follow these basic guidelines, you can give yourself s simple yet fantastic look for any affair.

When thinking about cosmetics, approach it as you would a work of art. After all, you are trying to enhance your beauty. So think of your face as a canvass. Whenever a painter is starting out with a canvass, they will lay down a primer. They want to make sure that the surface they are dealing with is neutral. The same is true with makeup. You will want to start with your foundation.

When applying a foundation, you want to make this look as natural as possible. This is not where you are wanting to make any statements, just provide a nice surface to work with. You will want to choose a color that is complimentary to your own skin color. The foundation is there to cover up imperfections. You will probably want to pick a color that is from a yellow base. Contrary to a lot of opinion, you skin has a yellow tint to it. If you have some problems finding a good color, go to a makeup counter at your local mall. Even though they may try to push a product on you, they can help you understand how to pick out a good color.

Then you can go to Target or somewhere like that and get a cheaper product. Once you have what you need, start with a light amount making sure to blend it with the neck and hair lines, being careful not to get it in the hair. Then apply concealer to areas under the eyes and nose that is just a shade lighter than the foundation and only in light amounts. Finally, finish off with a powder and brush off the excess. This will reduce shine and help seal the foundation.

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