30+ Gorgeous Spring Outfits Ideas

Are you ready for spring? It is definitely time to make a change in weather as well as within our fashion style. With spring just around the corner it is time to start discussing the latest and hottest casual clothing trends so you are in the know this spring and not left behind. Everyone has fashion tops or pieces in their closet that may no longer say hot trend, but did you know you may be able to revitalize these older pieces with a few newer fashion pieces without getting rid of them altogether? This spring is all about layering and creating ensembles out of several different pieces of clothing and what this means for you is less money spent and more money saved.

First, let’s start with the most popular ensemble for spring 2011; leggings and tunics. You may be thinking that this was also a popular winter style but the spring and summer version of this trend is a bit different. First of all, let’s get rid of the thick wool leggings and replace them with the yoga style leggings made of spandex materials. You can also get rid of the full length leggings and replace them with cropped length to embrace the warm weather of spring. Once you have made your legging choice and maybe even chosen a bright and bold color like reds and oranges, it is time to talk about the tunic to match.

Choosing a tunic can be extremely fun! There are so many different types of tunics on the market today that casual wear is becoming the number one fashion trend to choose from. With this being said tunics in the form of a racer back tank have taken over the spring and summer market as well as off the shoulder tunics. These tunic styles definitely say spring and are a perfect match with whatever style leggings you’ve chosen. In my opinion, there is nothing more enjoyable than creating a legging and tunic ensemble!

If you are interested in something a bit different for spring have you considered the simplicity of the romper? This one-piece ensemble has spring and summer written all over it. It is an incredibly comfortable outfit to consider and is quickly rising to the top of the casual clothing must have list. Rompers can be found in halter and strapless styles and terry cloth as well as cottons are the most popular fabrics you will find them in. You can wear a romper with flip flops, flats and heels and create several different looks with one single piece of clothing. If you are looking to layer this look for those chillier spring nights, don’t forget about the distressed cardigans that are popular for spring 2019.

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