30+ Modern Country Wedding Dress Ideas

Wedding dresses are considered to be one of the centerpiece items in a wedding ceremony. This is because a wedding dress on top of all makes a bride standout among the crowd due to its elegant and breathtaking design. Asides from this, wedding dresses also have a deeper meaning with regards to marriage as these have been symbolizing the bride ever since.

The beauty of wedding dresses resides in how it is able to represent the bride in a unique manner during the wedding ceremony. It also adds up to the stunning factor that occurs when the bride is first seen walking down the isle. This is the reason why a wedding dress is highly prioritized in a wedding arrangement checklist.

Generally speaking, the modern world has been used to the white wedding dress which comes from the Western cultures of European countries. However, there are a lot of other cultures that have different variations of wedding dresses in areas like color, design and pattern. These traditional versions of a wedding dress are also as beautiful as the accustomed white bridal dress and at times more interesting since these are not really seen that often.

In the old Western cultures, marriages during and subsequent the medieval era meant more than just a union between a man and a woman. This was due to the fact that they could also be considered as a union between companies, families, businesses or even countries. A lot of weddings during this time were more of a matter of politics especially for the nobles and higher echelon of the society. This has greatly affected the way wedding dresses were made and worn depending on your social status. Usually, Brides coming from the wealthy families wore bridal gowns of exclusive fabrics and rich colors.

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