30+ Wonderful Lace Pencil Dress Ideas For Inspiration

Lace is a fancy fabric that is created either by machine or by hand and features holes that make up different designs. It can be used for a variety of things and comes in various widths and lengths, depending on what your project requires. Lace is something that is used a lot when trimming items, or to add that extra something to an existing garment, it is also used extensively in bridal gowns and bridal accessories in most countries. The intricate designs and delicate look of some lace pieces also make it a popular choice for many in their day-to-day and formal wear fashions.

The craft of lace making dates back to the 14th century when it was used predominantly by the clergy. It wasn’t until the 16th century that it became more popular and widespread in its usage amongst tailors and dressmakers. Many small towns and villages in various countries used lace making to explore their regional heritage in their designs where it was used to create beautiful tablecloths, doilies and clothing. It was not until the 19th century that lace making made its way to North America, via missionaries from Europe who had experience in the craft.

Through the ages, you see lace was something reserved for the very rich; they used it predominantly in their clothing and accessories to give themselves an elegant air. Dresses for the ladies would be made extensively out of lace that sometimes made up the entire bodice of a gown and even some of the skirt. It was also popular in men’s wear, and showed up in children’s dresses as well. Having a lot of lace was a status symbol stating that you were among the wealthy of the community.

Today lace is widely accessible to anyone and unlike in the old days, you can now buy lace online instead of having to waste time driving all over a town or city. It comes in many colors, styles and patterns and is usually made of cotton or polyester so it is easy to use and keep clean. Dresses are still embellished with lace, although not to the extent that they were centuries ago, and it is a popular trim option for things such as clothing, tote bags, pencil cases, hats, etc. It can be stitched onto almost any other fabric and will give you many options should you want to change up a garment quickly and easily. It isn’t only used for garments, however. Lace can be used to dress up shelves, to protect head-rests on chairs and couches and can be made into stunning napkins and tablecloths for those special occasions.

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