20+ Affordable Newborn Baby Girl Outfits Ideas For Spring

As spring arrives and the weather gets warmer, the first holiday is a great excuse to get your little one all dressed up in something pretty, especially if family are visiting to make it a really special occasion.

Mums love to dress up their little girls, but just where do you find something pretty and adorable for your newborn infant that’s special?

Many of the popular online baby clothing stores will have a range launched shortly after Christmas that will be suitable. Whilst these are likely to offer some of the best prices, they offer a limited range suitable for the Easter holiday.

If you’re on a budget, choose a plain yellow frock and stitch an embroidered bunny or row of ducks to it, simple, cute and effective. You may also wish to consider sewing your own dress for baby, using a simple pattern but specialist fabric with an Easter theme. For budget shoppers, eBay also offers a range of cheaper clothing that may be just what you’re looking for, though remember to factor in postage costs when comparing prices.

If you have some boutique shops in your town or city, you may discover some pretty embroidered dresses and yellow rompers for the spring season. One of the consistently popular styles for little girls are the embroidered or hand smocked dresses that are exquisite & timeless, though often expensive.

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