30+ Amazing Outfit Ideas For Spring And Summer

Winter is gone and Spring/Summer is here at last. We are all ready to put away the heavy bulky layered clothes of winter for the light, airy and bright colors for spring. In this article I would like to highlight for you some of the most exciting trends for Spring.

First, Skinny pants are still the rage for Spring. The 7/8 pant in bright colors can be seen in retail stores all over the country. These pants are at their best when worn with high platform heels. The perfect top is the cropped jacket or the over sized fuller top to give contrast.

Second, the light gauzy fabrics of the 60’s are back. They can be seen in flowing dresses and tops. These garments are featured in bright citrus colors, watercolors and naturals. The garments are feminine and look best when warn with stilettos.

Third, some runways featured a new updated version of the harem pant. They are a new much more subtle version and are not reminiscent of the I Dream of Genie pants. They work well with un-constructed blazers and soft femine tops.

Fourth, it is time to scour your mom’s closet for some of her hippie outfits of the late 60’s early 70’s. The Bohemian look is definitely back with bright colors and metallic trims.

Lastly, accessories are bigger and brighter than ever. Metallic is the word of the day. You can call it Pirate, Gypsy, or middle eastern. It is a little bit of everything. The metal look doesn’t end with jewelry shoes and handbags also shine.

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