30+ Fantastic Spring Nail Art Ideas To Try

There was once a saying about how you could tell the class of a lady by the look of her hands, remember Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara? Well, in this day and age, the class hierarchies are not quite the same as they were during the Civil War, but it is true that a well manicured hand says a lot about who you are.

Nail color and polish is one way that you can play with your fashion profile by changing your overall look and make a statement about who you are. Choosing the right color can bode very well for you, and correspondingly, choosing the wrong color will sink your “class level” quicker than you can drop a glove.

When you are trying to decide what color of nail polish to use, the limitless choices can be confusing. However these few tips can successfully guide you in the right direction towards the nail color that will make you stand out amongst the crowd. When choosing a shade, take the season into account. For summer and spring, you want to go with lighter more vibrant shades. Think cotton candy, flowers, and bright pastels. These colors will update your look faster than your polish will dry. For winter and fall seasons, you want to choose colors with darker undertones and earthy, natural shades.

You also need to take your skin tone into consideration. If your skin is fair, you want to choose colors that have a blue base, and if your skin is darker, you want to go with colors that have a yellow base. Fair skinned ladies should opt for colors that match berry colors – strawberries, raspberries, cranberries. All of these shades have blue bases to them, and you can choose lighter colors, or darker ones depending on the spectrum. Start with these shades and move forward or backward in the same color family to find the color that most appeals to you.

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