30+ Most Beautiful Makeup Ideas For Valentines Day

Love is the air. You can smell it, breathe it and almost inhale its fragrance which makes you dizzy with happiness. This Valentine’s day, your eyes will express what you want. The shimmering pearly shades of khaki, copper and indigo will speak volumes. Lips will be sealed. The twinkles in the eye will add to the excitement of the whole evening.

Love has an ethereal quality. It creates a magic of its own. Think of all the movies that you have seen. Think of Casablanca. There is some magic in it which makes you fall in love head over heels over Humphrey Bogart. Do you want to create the same magic in real life? Think of something really special which will take his breath away.

Choose carefully. Before you select anything, think of a lovely dress. An evening gown will be a perfect choice. But that does not mean that you can choose something casual and look glamorous in it. A pair of blue jeans and white shirt is a stunning combination. However if you want to bring out your charming feminine side, opt for of the gown.

The walk, the looks and the body language all contribute in this magic. It is the combination of everything which makes the person romantic. If you have been invited for a special evening with that special person in your life, you should think of ways to mesmerize him.

Begin with the basics. Once the dress is decided, you will have to think of make-up. You can actually consult the experts about that. Most people prefer to go with the natural look. A little touch up on the cheekbones and a little touch up on the eyes and you will have a ravishing look. Eye make-up is considered to be essential. You can either go for the dark smoldering look, or you can opt for the ethereal look with some shimmer and shine. The cheekbones can be highlighted. If you lovely tresses, then it is time to do something about it.

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