20+ Stunning Wedding Dresses Styles Ideas For Winter Wonderland Weddings

Planning a Winter Wonderland theme wedding? Great! It is a fabulous and festive theme for a wedding in the cold winter months. A Winter Wonderland wedding needs equally fabulous attire for the bridal party; here is a guide to the most spectacular outfits for everyone from the bride on down.

The hallmarks of a Winter Wonderland wedding are icy sparkle and plenty of shimmer. This is a very fun idea to capture in a bridal gown. Look for a lustrous white silk gown, rather than one in ivory or champagne. Choose a style that has a grand presence, such as a very full ballgown with a box pleated skirt. Then think about the details. Silver embroidery and crystal beadwork are a must! Heavy embellishments will not look like “too much” for this fantasy style wedding. Ornate architectural designs make for gorgeous embroidered motifs. Or select a feminine vine pattern. Avoid anything that is too summery, like embroidery in the form of daisies.

If you prefer a lace gown, this can also be made to work beautifully with your Winter Wonderland theme. A silver lace would make an exquisite and unforgettable accent on a white silk gown. Or choose an all over lace bridal gown, such as a fine Calais lace, that is beaded with hundred of twinkling crystals that will sparkle as you walk down the aisle. Even your veil can feature crystal accents.

No wedding gown is complete without the perfect finishing touches. A sparkling headpiece is great for a Winter Wonderland bride. Choose a tiara, a double headband, a festive comb, or a set of hairpins. Crystals and rhinestones can be mixed with tiny pearls for the perfect icy snowflake look. In fact, you can even get hairpins or other jewelry that is made in the shape of a snowflake. A snowflake pendant is a fantastic gift idea for your bridesmaids. You will want plenty of other twinkling touches, too, such as stacks of Swarovski crystal bracelets, chandelier earrings, and a fabulous crystal necklace.

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