20+ Adorable Winter Night Date Outfits Ideas For Women

So you’ve got yourself a hot date. The build up begins. You start to anticipate the night ahead. Your tummy has butterflies. You feel excited. You get anxious. You are suddenly aware of your figure and hair. You want to look your best. Your appetite is affected. Maybe you find that salad more alluring than the steak and chips. Suddenly you panic. You ask yourself the question, what do I wear?!

Well the first question to ask yourself is where are you going on your date and what time of year is it? There would be no point wearing a smart shift dress if you were planning on a cross country walk. Stiles and above the knee dresses definitely don’t mix! Naturally you wouldn’t want to wear a strappy cotton number in the depth of winter.

Footwear is another matter. Lovely and elegant as they are, do you want to suffer the pain of your six inch heels, which look beautiful with that dress or do you opt for the sensible option and go for the less glamorous look. You need to be realistic and decide which shoes you feel most comfortable in. This would apply to your outfit too. You need to feel confident in your outfit. Don’t make the mistake of following the latest fashion trend, if it really doesn’t suit you.

The danger of dressing to impress, can present you as being over dressed and even possibly (for the over forties) ‘mutton dressed as lamb’. Not the look you want to convey. You should also avoid coming across as too overtly sexy. Low tops and plunging necklines with plenty of cleavage have their place, but may be not on that first date. Dressing like some hooker, will certainly attract plenty of attention, but will not send out the right signals to your date.

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