30+ Charming Smocked Dresses Ideas For Your Girls

When shopping for girls clothes you might not find the right dress for your little princess and decide it’s time to make your own. This can be something for them to wear at home, to a party or even to a formal event. No matter what your skill level is there are some great ideas on making an outfit for your daughter.

Better still, making a dress for your child can be a fun activity you can both enjoy. We’ve listed a few tips to get your started.

Types of dresses
Depending on what the dress is for will depend on what type of dress you make. It will also depend on how confident you are with your own dress making skills. There are some great ideas for creating the most simple play smocks to the most formal dresses. Some ideas for a dress you could make include: a fairy princess dress, a fun play time smock dress and a ballerina outfit.

All of these are relatively easy to make. A fairy princess dress can be as simple as dying a plain singlet and attaching a skirt you can make from tulle at the bottom. This can be done by simply gathering tulle and sewing it to elastic. Wings can be made from coat hangers and stockings and decorated with glitter.

A ballerina dress is very similar to this. You may decide to use different colours or even a one piece swimsuit or another piece of children’s clothing as the main part of the ballerina dress. That way you have something to work with and can go about simply creating a skirt to go around the leotard or swimsuit. This can either be an elastic wasted skirt, or you can simply buy some thick ribbon and sew a soft fabric to it which can then be wrapped around and tied at the side.

The smock dress can be made by following a simple pattern using a durable fabric. These simple smocks are great for playing outside and painting.

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