20+ Magnificient Winter Outfits Ideas High Socks

If you really want to knock his socks, pants, etc. off, you want to use what you already have. Case in point, if you’re the one that usually cleans up around the house, why not take that to a sexy level?

You might want to try out a Bunny girl costume that really makes him happy that you bent over to pick up the napkin that he ‘accidentally’ dropped. When he gets home, you could also try acting as though you are a true French maid. Don’t act as if anything is different. You want to play the part—bad French accent and all. Attend to his every whim and serve him everything that he requests. This is a surprise and a delight for him. Or you can be the wench of the house. Get on the floor and pretend to scrub away (well, if it’s dirty, you might as well do it for real). He’ll be so surprised that he’ll just stand and watch you.

You might want to try something that is more true to life and act as though you don’t know him. A taxi driver or a waitress is always good. that way, you can pretend to not know him and have him try to pick you up. Some stranger options that work just as well are an angel or a can can girl. Ooh la la. Still other ideas include gypsies and flamenco dancers. Of course, if you showed up to his workplace in a cop outfit, you would definitely surprise him. As well as everyone that he works with. On second thought, I’d leave that one to the home setting. Knock on the door in a cop’s outfit and ask to search the premises. Everything will need to be searched.

But it doesn’t have to be a costume in order to surprise the love of your life, just try adding some little detail to your everyday outfit. Find a shorter skirt or a higher heel. Do something that he wouldn’t expect. You’ll definitely grab his attention.

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