30+ Creative Fingernail Designs For This Summer Ideas

There are no positives to having a nail infection of any kind. They are embarrassing and can even be debilitating, causing us to avoid certain social situations, especially in the summer time. However, when compared against each other there are some positive factors of both a fingernail fungus infection and a toenail fungus infection.

Fingernail fungus is killed off quicker than toenail fungus. The reason for this is the nails grow twice as fast as toenails do, and because you must treat an infection until the nail grows one full cycle. Fingernail infections cure faster. Toenails take longer to grow, therefore take longer to treat. That’s the only positive to a fingernail infection over a toenail infection.

The major negative to having your fingernails infected versus having an infected toenail is simply the fact that you cannot easily hide your fingernails from others. Since treatment of all nail infections is so difficult many people have chosen to just hide it, and this can’t be done realistically with your fingers.

The reason onychomycosis is so difficult to treat is because it takes a lot of antiseptic power to kill the fungi that cause these infections, yet it is difficult to get this much power to the point of infection without causing more damage to the nail or the skin surrounding the nail. Also, the fungi feed off of your nail, and it can survive for decades off of the keratin that makes up your nail. Treating an infection effectively requires combining an oral treatment with a topical treatment in order to maximize the antiseptic strength without causing side effects.

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