20+ Elegant Groom Groomsmen Wedding Photos Cant Miss

Wedding season is upon us, and that means a record number of photographs will be snapped in the coming weeks and months.

Of course, most brides have figured out who their photographer will be – whether it’s a professional or a talented family member or friend. If you’re a shutterbug and plan on taking pictures at the wedding, that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the fun!

After all, a wedding is a big day for the invited guests too. So whether you’re a favorite aunt, a close cousin, or a life long friend, here are three tips for taking wedding photos you’ll be proud to share with the bride and groom, and everyone else for that matter!

Tip #1. Be discreet, but don’t be afraid to get the shot. Of course, a wedding is for the bride and groom, and you don’t want to do anything to call attention to yourself. So during the ceremony, it would be best if you kept your camera in the bag. Leave the tender ceremonial photos to the person the bride has designated as her photographer. Unless, of course, she has sought you out prior and specifically asked you to take photos. And no, it’s not OK for you to ask her if you can take photos of the “You may kiss the bride” moment.

Of course, taking photos before the ceremony begins is perfectly acceptable. Just be careful not to get in the way of the professional photographer or the wedding party. And after the ceremony, everyone lightens up quite a bit, so as long as you’re being polite and discreet, you shouldn’t have any problem getting great photos.

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