30+ Amazing Kate Spade Cobble Hill Mylie Shoulder Leather Handbag

Leather handbags sales have escalated over the past few years, and it’s easy to understand why. This practical container for the essentials of life has become the easiest canvas for fashion’s ideas, without the limitations of fitting around a figure, foot, face or hand!

Clutch your leather handbag without the need for worrying ‘does my bum look big in this?’, or ‘will it even fit me?’, as it rests gently in your hand or on your arm, for instant fit satisfaction.

The leather handbag will be the first item in your wardrobe to reflect the current trends of the season. For example, last year saw a return to seventies style leather satchel bags in classic brown, in total contrast to last year, which flooded with patent black leather shoulder bags.

If purple is the colour of the season, don’t expect a mass of purple suits at rush hour, oh no – it will be purple leather handbags, in every style, leather and finish imaginable, toted over suits in banker-friendly colours!

Image Source : Pinterest

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