20+ Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Planning your marriage takes efforts that you could never have imagined when you decided to actually tie the knot. And no matter how much help you hire for the purpose, the process will still take a lot from you. Sure your wedding planner can help simplify the process but the decisions are still yours to make and the going-through-options part is still your responsibility. The sheer volume of small issues that need to be tackled is completely overwhelming. But the fact remains that weddings happen once in your life. It deserves this level of attention and time of yours to ensure everything is as you dreamed it would be.

One small yet important aspect that you will have to look into in the process of handling your marriage celebrations will be your wedding guest book. The book will generally be placed at the entrance of the church or right outside the chapel doors and right at the back where there will be a special table decorated especially for the purpose.

The guests coming and going from your wedding celebrations will sign the book to indicate their presence and give their messages of love and best wishes to the couple through this book. It becomes a beautiful memento for the couple to cherish in the later years of their marriage as a way to remember everyone who became a part of their special day. Plus the tradition of leaving personal messages for the couple is again a great way to add a personal touch to the wedding celebrations.

Most couples look for unique wedding guest book ideas to spice up the tradition and colour it with their individual shades of love and joy. But in the mad rush of planning everything related to the ceremony, this part often gets ignored. Last minute choices often lead to disastrous results. Here are a few simple ways to get inspiration for making your wedding guest book surprisingly creative without putting too much time and energy into the task.

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