20+ Creative Greenary Wedding Backdrop Ideas

When you want to really create a lovely frame for taking those all important wedding photos, then wedding backdrops are just what you’re looking for.

Backdrops can be used anywhere that will have photographs taken although usually their used at the place where more important ones are taken, for example, behind the wedding cake table, behind the bridal head table and at the ceremony area.

A popular ceremony backdrop often has an arch or canopy decorated with greenery and flowers. Tulle bows attached near the top allowing them to cascade down each side gives a really magical look to that very special spot.

But, it can be anything you like.

Maybe you’d prefer free standing pillars or columns that have been decorated by wrapping greens or small twinkle lights around them.

Placing flower bouquets on the pillar tops looks particularly beautiful but be very sure that it is a large flat container and you use florists block Oasis to create the design of the arrangement.

If you’re having a garden wedding it’s the perfect place to use wrought iron with some added greenery, flowers and ribbons to complete the backdrop.

Image Source : Pinterest

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