30+ Amazing Wedding Dessert Table Ideas

Weddings today are as individual as the couples getting married. Even using all of the same basic elements, you have the freedom to do things that you really like, instead of just doing what everyone else does. If you are having a less traditional wedding, why not have some fun with some informal wedding desserts?

For brides who are having very formal and fancy weddings, complete with a ballgown, ornate handmade wedding jewelry, an orchestra, and fireworks, the big traditional wedding cake is really the right answer (and the bigger the better!). But what if your wedding is going to be on a beach or a mountaintop with the bride in a simple dress and unique handmade wedding jewelry, with just a few close friends? The over-the-top cake might feel totally silly at such a laid-back reception, so feel free to explore some more creative dessert options.

It is true that everyone loves cake. Even if you have decided against a big traditional wedding cake, you can still serve your guests the cake that they are probably expecting. One fun idea is to serve cupcakes instead of one big cake. They can be artfully decorated and arranged into a beautiful tower. Everyone will get a kick out of them, especially your youngest guests.

Another idea is to have individual cakes made for each table or even each place setting. Having one cake for each table to share is in keeping with the trend towards family style wedding service. That way, each guest can have the size piece that they want. If you go this route, be sure to provide each table with the necessary tools to cut and serve their cake!

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