20+ Wonderful Wedding Cupcakes Stands

Weddings are special events meant to be celebrated not only by the bride and groom, but also by family and friends. Having the perfect wedding is a dream come true. This momentous occasion calls for special planning and a great attention to detail.

For many women, getting the perfect dress and shoes to match is one tough hurdle. The same thing probably goes for most men. But having the most wonderful wedding centerpiece is even tougher. So what’s a couple to do? The answer is pretty simple: create your own wedding cupcake stands and make them the centerpiece for the reception.

Just like a traditional wedding cake, cupcake stands make for a very interesting attraction in your wedding. You can even make the stands match the colors and themes for your wedding. Aside from that, those cupcake stands are easy to make and are quite inexpensive compared to the usual wedding cakes. That means, with your cupcake stand, you can save more bucks which you can use later on in other more important things. Say, your honeymoon.

Haven’t tried making a cupcake even once in your life? No need to worry. Cupcakes and cupcake stands are very easy to make. Even little ones can do it. You can turn cupcake making into a family affair and watch everyone who’s involved have fun in doing it. The steps are pretty easy to follow. But make sure that you have everything planned ahead of time, so that you won’t need to rush back and forth to the stores, buying the forgotten stuff. You need ample time to prepare for this, especially if you haven’t done this before.

So what are the things that you need to do to start making your own wedding centerpiece?

First, you need to choose a recipe. Try two or three recipes if you can. That would give you more options to choose from. And if you decide to use all recipes, then that would be even more interesting. Do this at least two days in advance, so that you can make modifications just in case.

After baking your cupcakes, you can now put decorations on top, provided that your cakes have already cooled down. Icings or frostings work well, but they don’t hold up too long especially on humid weathers so try to think of alternatives. If you decide to put on frosting, make sure that you practice piping first before doing it on the cakes that you will serve. You can also put flowers on your cupcakes if you decide against putting on icing or frosting. Flowers, whether real or not, can add the splash of color to your cupcakes.

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