30+ Unique Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

Decorating for your friend or family member’s bridal shower can be a fun event for you and the bridesmaids who are in the wedding. A few fun ideas to consider include:

Themed bridal shower. For example, if your friend is a Mexican food fanatic, you may want to make the bridal shower reflect a Mexican theme. Buy inexpensive fiesta bowls and plates, streamers, maracas, sombreros, piñatas, and other décor to use both to serve food and to decorate the food table. You can also buy a “salsa” CD to set the mood for the shower as guests begin to arrive. Give the bride her own sombrero to wear that shows people she is definitely the bride!

Traditional bridal shower. For a more traditional approach to the bridal shower, you can purchase plates, napkins, streamers, and balloons that match the colors of the bride’s wedding. Ensure that the cake reflects the same theme-with accent colors that match the colors of the wedding. Lighting white candles or candles that are the same colors as the wedding will add a nice touch to the décor of the shower.

Lovefest bridal shower. For a bridal shower that is more romantic, you may want to incorporate lace tablecloths, true silver, silverware, fine china, candles, and flowers (roses or those that match the bride’s wedding are good). Put in a CD that has some of the older love songs playing to set the mood. You may want to have this type of shower in the early evening so that the candles reflect the romantic venue of the shower as the sun is setting.

Couples bridal shower. Include the groom! This type of shower can be fun, and can help you incorporate some more “masculine” décor. For a couples’ bridal shower, you might consider incorporating different pictures of the bride and groom (from the time they were babies on up to present day) scattered throughout the room. Have a “regal” place for them to sit, and give them each a crown or other head ornament to designate they are the “bride” and “groom”. This type of shower can be less formal, and may include a BBQ or potluck supper to celebrate the upcoming wedding for the bride and groom.

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