20+ Fresh Short Layered Hairstyles Ideas

The trend of growing long and thick hair is dying, while the idea of having short and easily maintainable hair is becoming a trend amidst most of the women around the world. Some women feel that short hair gives a sexy look to their face and hence they go on to try different styles that would suit them.

A few more visit salons for consultation, some visit hairstyling websites, and some follow step by step approach to hair-do. But the fact is short hair can be more appealing and can be easily maintained compared to the other hair styles.

While short hairstyles that do not fall on the face and frame your face tend to make you look more beautiful, the layers of the hair will also add to the beauty making your hair look more thick and dense. It is just an illusion that gives this great look, but a very promising factor is that it leaves a gorgeous impression.

It is equally important to take care that the shape of the hair-do should not make the face look round or square. The more it looks oval, the more it is appealing and elegant. A layered and spiky hair will let you appear taller and also gives a wet and sexy look and could be more suitable for proms and parties.

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